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A great thanks to all ndless/nSDL developers! I got this in less than 5 hours thanks to these libraries available.

I deleted all the musics or voices (as there is no way to play them back). Now the main program is 384KB in size while the resources are 21.9MB total. Monochrome models will run the game, but that would take up all the available space. I am thinking about further compress it. Save/Load not working currently.

image image


  1. Fix Save/Load functionality
  2. Try to compress the game




  • Avoid using standard library. Remove all the inclusion of standard library.
  • For math.h, use fdlibm instead. https://github.com/Hoffa/nSDL/wiki/Additional-libraries
  • Implement sscanf, and vsnprintf as they are not provided in os.h
  • Initialize only SDL_VIDEO