#LetsDriveLCD [19] – M320240-19 & LM081HB1T


Just feeling like want to drive some LCD today, so here we go. They are all typical controller-less monochrome STN LCDs, and I have used these code many times. The first one is the LM081HB1T, 8.1" 640x240 negative mode STN. Due to the limited RAM of STM32F1 (64KB), I could only do 320x240x4bit mode or 640x240x3bit mode. The following shows it in full resolution.


Then in 4bpp mode:


The next one is the Truly M320240-19, the size is 5.1", resolution 320x240, positive mode FSTN, comes with CCFL backlight.


The display quality is rather good, however the screen greyscale response is quite non-linear. I had to manually compensate that in the image, but resulting in fewer usable greyscale levels.


Basic Information

Driving Information


  1. FLM
  2. XCK
  3. LP
  4. NC
  5. DOFF
  6. D0
  7. D1
  8. D2
  9. D3
  10. VDD
  11. VSS
  12. VEE


Basic Information

Driving Information

Datasheet: LM081HB1T01.pdf


  1. FLM
  2. LP
  3. VSS
  4. XCK
  5. VSS
  6. VDD
  7. NC
  8. D0
  9. D1
  10. VSS
  11. D2
  12. D3
  13. VSS
  14. DISP
  15. VEE