#LetsDriveLCD [6] – LKD-1697V



One of my classmates' asked me to repair a PMP with cracked screens. I bought a new screen online, and picked up this one from the same seller simply because it was cheap ($0.7). Unfortunately there was no documentation for this screen. Luckily enough, I found a datasheet of a similar screen, and it turns out that they share the same pinout. So, here is the result.


  1. VSS
  2. VDD
  3. NC
  4. NC
  5. CS0
  6. A0
  7. RD
  8. WR
  9. RST
  10. DB0
  11. NC
  12. DB1
  13. NC
  14. DB2
  15. NC
  16. DB3
  17. NC
  18. DB4
  19. NC
  20. DB5
  21. NC
  22. DB6
  23. NC
  24. DB7
  25. NC
  26. LEDK
  27. LEDA


void LCD_Init()
    LCD_RST = 0;
    LCD_RST = 1;

    LCD_WriteCmd(0xE2);     //system reset   
    LCD_WriteCmd(0xEB);    //set bias=1/11  
    LCD_WriteCmd(0x81);    //set vop   
    LCD_WriteCmd(0x65);     //set vop=15v 
    LCD_WriteCmd(0x2f);    //set pump control   
    LCD_WriteCmd(0x2b);    //set panel loading   
    LCD_WriteCmd(0x24);    // set TC=-0.05%   
    LCD_WriteCmd(0xa2);    // set line rate   

    LCD_WriteCmd(0x89);    //set color pattern   
    LCD_WriteCmd(0xd1);    //set color pattern   
    LCD_WriteCmd(0xd6);    //set color mode 64k   
    LCD_WriteCmd(0xC8);    //set n-line inversion   

    LCD_WriteCmd(0xc2);    //set color pattern   

    LCD_WriteCmd(0x84);    //set n-line inversion   

    LCD_WriteCmd(0xde);    //set com scan function   
    LCD_WriteCmd(0xaf);    //set display enable