#LetsDriveLCD [27] – IP270-LCD


I bought few of these LCDs from Taobao a few months back. Thought they were 240x64 or similar things. Once I received it, I noticed the one of the screens I ordered also had another model name on the board: ML40D255064D8. While searching this number on Google didn't return anything useful, it gives me some clue about the resolution: 255x64. Then I could do the usual reverse-engineering thing, as described in the blog several times. Basically, with the resolution and the driver IC die size I could determine the controller model, then by just looking at the FPC and board I could derive the pinout.

The screen uses the ST7529 controller, supports up to 32 level of greyscale by using 2 frame FRC + 4 bit PWM. The default setting might not give the optimal result, but the greyscale could be finetuned by setting the registers in the controller.

Before tuning:


After tuning:


With backlight off:


Demo (Showing Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact):


Driving information


  1. VSS
  2. A0
  3. WR
  4. RD
  5. CS
  6. RST
  7. VDD
  8. D0
  9. D1
  10. D2
  11. D3
  12. D4
  13. D5
  14. D6
  15. D7
  16. LED
  17. BL_K
  18. BL_A