Spring break & new projects


First to be clear, spring break and new project, that's 2 separated topics. Because, I didn't do anything meaningful during the break... Where did my break go? I don't know either.

Talking about new projects... mostly just about scientific calculators. The topic is simply writing emulators for them.

So what have I got so far?

CASIO ones use OKI's microcontroller, based on nX-U8/100 architecture, with instruction sets already reverse engineered. There are also disassembler available. CASIO clones uses either Elan's RISC-II or SunPlus 6502. There is no ROM dump available for the latter. TI uses Toshiba's T49 microcontroller, with incomplete ISA documentation and disassembler available online. I have finished writing the disassembler for RISC-II, and the emulator is working in progress.

Actually, I just wanted to post the photo, so I wrote this blog post.