TI-nspire boot splash customization



4 months ago, critor released mySpire(http://www.cncalc.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=9441) which allowed modification of nspire CX/CM’s boot splash screen. Since the image itself is signed, there is no way to change the image except modify its position, size, etc.

However there is still a workaround. It’s possible to use third-party payload to display extra things on the screen. So here it is.

Hardware requirement:

Download: https://www.cncalc.org/thread-9774-1-1.html


  1. Pick a picture you like, resize and crop it to 320×240.
  2. Open Img2Lcd, open the picture.
  3. Set maximum size to 320×240 and click the arrow right near the textbox.
  4. Set output color to 16bit True Color (16-levels of grayscale for monochrome one)
  5. Deselect MSB First
  6. Select Invert only if you are using a monochrome nspire
  7. Set output format to .bin
  8. Save it as bootlogo.tns
  9. Transfer the file to nlaunch folder on you nspire
  10. Install nLaunch provided.